Rainbow Pencils


Made from recycled paper, rainbow pencils let you create beautiful paper rainbows when you sharpen them.

They function like regular pencils, but they’re not made from wood, they’re made from lots of layers of recycled waste paper. So the shavings / sharpenings look like rainbows!!!

Each pencil has a 6-layer rainbow core and comes finished in a final layer of black or white.

A simple design that makes a great gift.


Type: Standard Pencils
Soluble Or Not: Not
Packaging: Set
Model Number: 05806
Use: Office & School Pencil
Lead Color: Black
Body Material: Paper
Lead Hardness: 2B
Texture of material: Paper
Specifications: 16 cm
Characteristic: Environmental protection
Style: Rainbow Colour
Packaging: 5 pcs/lot
Suitable for gift giving occasions: Birthday, wedding, advertising promotions, business gifts, holiday, ce
Hardness of lead core: 2B
Color of the cover: Black/White


White Appearance, Black Appearance, Burgundy, Red


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