3 x Chad’s Cheeky Chappy Wine Stoppers


Cheeky Chappy wine stoppers help you to save any left over wine. His “stopper” fits most kinds of wine and beer bottles to stop the contents from going flat.

Cheeky Chappies are a cinch to clean, either in the top shelf of the dishwasher, or by hand (he actually quite enjoys that!). His body is made from quality food-safe plastic.

His two silicone “ribs” help to keep Chappy happily securely inside the bottle of your choosing for hours, or even days, keeping the contents fresher for longer, and enabling you to keep red wine out on your kitchen counter so that you can serve it at the best temperature.

Uncorks again easily with a pleasing “POP”!

Limited stock.

4 in stock

The smile on this guys face will make you smile, and also keep your wine fresh for longer – that’s if you don’t drink all of it in one evening!

Allows you to easily reseal your bottle of wine so you can enjoy the rest the day after!


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