Metal Wall Art


Help guests to find rooms more easily with these humorous and quirky retro signs. This versatile and durable tin sign is lightweight and easy to hang. With timeless shapes and designs, tin signs make fabulous additions to any room.

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Fun 20 x 30 cm (7.8 x 11.8 inch) vintage metal signs that will liven up your home or business.


Delicious Hot Dogs, Dad's BBQ, Coffee Is Always A Good Idea, Shop Shop, Coffee House, Always Fresh Brewed Coffee, Tea For All Reasons, Free Wifi Here, Alcohol Is Definately Solution, BBQ, Fresh Brewed Coffee Served Here Have A Cup, Do I Look Like I Care?, Chocolate Don't Ask Silly Questions, I Am Good In Bed!, I Always Cook With Wine, VIP Lounge, Fresh Brewed Coffee Served Here (Blue Background), Shots, Love Cake, Hamburgers, Homemade Apple Pie, Coffee Menu, Fresh Baked Goods – Best In Town


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