Venus Flytrap Plant (10 Seeds)


  • Venus Fly Trap Plant – Carnivorous Plant RED/PINK traps
  • Fascinating Green/Pink traps
  • Plant in a 8 cm pot for best result start
  • The picture is an example of what your plant will be when grown.
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How to Care for your Venus Flytrap

  1. Grow them in a plastic pot with good drainage.
  2. Use a 1:1 mixture of peat moss, and horticultural sand or gravel.
  3. Water them with distilled water or rainwater, not tap water.
  4. Give them 12 hours of direct sunlight.
  5. Feed them small insects if they appear unhealthy.
  6. Give them less water and sunlight during dormancy.
  7. Repot them as they grow.
  8. Prune dead or dying flytraps.
  9. Don’t let the flytraps flower.
  10. Resist poking the traps.

Venus Flytrap


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